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Tamil Nadu government today banned a procession condoling the death of slain LTTE leader SP Thamilchelvan, scheduled to be held tomorrow by pro-Eelam parties, following stiff opposition from Congress, supporting the DMK government from outside.
While the Tamil nationalist groups, which had arranged the procession, vowed to defy the ban, Union minister and former TNCC president Mr EVKS Elangovan, today asserted that it should be prevented by the state government.
In a veiled reference to chief minister Mr M Karunanidhi’s elegy to the slain Tiger leader, Mr Elangovan said even people occupying top posts were writing elegy to leaders of outfits, responsible for the killing of late Rajiv Gandhi. “Can the Congress cadres tolerate this and remain silent like slaves”, he asked.
Tamil Eelam Supporters Coordination Committee had arranged the procession tomorrow and it had announced that MDMK leader Mr Vaiko, an ally of the AIADMK and Vidhthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi leader Mr Thol Thirumavalavan, an ally of the DMK, would participate in the condolence rally.
Coordinator of the committee, Mr P Nedumaran, in a statement here, condemned the ban saying that it showed the anti-Tamil and anti-humane attitude of the DMK government.
“The police had said condolence procession to Thamilchelvan is illegal. Does it mean that the elegy of chief minister Mr M Karunanidhi on Thamilchelvan is also illegal?”, he asked. Charging that the chief minister had bowed to the pressure of Congress, Mr Nedumaran said Tamil nationalists would defy the ban.

Fishermen attacked
Suspected LTTE rebels attacked Indian fishermen inside the country’s territorial waters off Rameswaram coast and forcefully took away diesel from their boats early this morning, PTI quoting police officials reports. The suspected militants carrying country-made weapons, approached around 20 fishermen in five boats and demanded diesel.

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Jim Karygiannis, Liberal MP for Scarborough-Agincourt electorate has said “I am encouraging the Canadian government to get involved and speak to both sides in order to find a long-lasting peace in the region.” [TamilNet, 07 November 2007]

It is obvious LTTE terrorist stooges, Sittampalam Thurairajah, President of World Tamil Movement (WTM), Kalatharan, President Canadian Thamil Radio (CTR), Prof.Fr.Chandrakanthan, President Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), Logan Kanapthy, Markham City councillor would offer sympathies to one of their terror leaders. However it is a disgrace for you and other fellow Liberal MPs Derek Lee (Scarborough Rouge River), Maria Minna (East York Beaches), Yasmin Ratansi (Don Valley East), John Mckay (Scarborough Guildwood), John Cannis (Scarborough Centre), Mark Holland (Ajax-Pickering), Lui Temelkovski (Oakridge Markham), Trade union president Carolyn, and Marlyn Shirley representing Jack Layton, leader of New Democratic Party (NDP), etc., to get on stage, speak,and pay tribute to a murderous terrorist at his memorial service. Do you gather, with Muslims supporting ‘Al Queda’, and offer sympathies when their terror leaders are exterminated by US, UK armed forces? You are nothing but a bunch of ‘hypocrites’.

It would be helpful, if ‘so called’ literate people like you understand that when you talk of two sides to keep in mind that one is the legitimate, democratically elected Government of a sovereign nation, Sri Lanka, representing over 19 million Sri Lankans. [Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and other ethnic minorities] The other are a murderous bunch of cyanide neck laced suicide bombing terrorists led by a megalomaniac despot murderer and supported mainly by the Tamil Diaspora, abroad, bogus asylum seekers [90%], totalling less than 1 million. There is no comparison between the two.

The Sri Lankan government does not interfere with the internal affairs of any foreign government. It is obvious, that the responsible Canadian Government does not want to get involved in this internal conflict in Sri Lanka. It is the responsibility of the GOSL to address internal issues in Sri Lanka. People understand that constituency MPs like you in Western countries, depend on the Tamil asylum seekers votes, however you should not try to influence your governments with dubious, woeful advice, supporting LTTE terrorist propaganda, detrimental to the good relationship between sovereign nations.

Jim Karygiannis has said, `Enough is enough. Put your heads together and find peace.’ We owe it all to the Sri Lankans in Canada.” [TamilNet, 07 November 2007]

Jim Karygiannis, may owe it to Tamils of Sri Lankan descent [LTTE and Eealam supporters] in Canada to say ‘enough is enough, put your heads together and find peace’. Unfortunately the government of Sri Lanka owes 19 million plus Sri Lankans, to find peace without compromising the freedom of Sri Lankans, the unitary structure and integrity of the nation, to a bunch of Tamil terrorist vermin.

‘Isaladchi Paramu, the mother of the slain leader lit the flame of sacrifice. Thamilchelvan’s two brothers and a sister paid floral tributes’. [TamilNet, 07 November 2007] Paramu Ravi, 44, brother of the slain political leader told the crowd that Canada had a responsibility to respect human rights in Sri Lanka and the aspirations of the Tamil minority’. [TamilNet, 07 November 2007]

Thamilchelvan’s mother, two brothers and sister shed tears in the safety of Canada. Have they seen the tears of pain and suffering of mothers, brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka, when Thamilchelvan the terrorist, [your son and brother] killed butchered and maimed thousands of Sri Lankans? How many Tamil mothers, brothers and sisters shed tears when their young children were forcefully abducted and sent to their deaths? A flame of sacrifice should be lit only for people who have given up their life to safeguard the lives of his fellow human beings and the integrity of Sri Lanka, the land of our birth. Thamilchelvan’s life was a total waste, just like that of other terrorist vermin destined to bite the dust sooner than later. How many of the misguided, brainwashed Tamil people, are aware that there ‘so called’ leaders are spending millions, up-keeping their own families abroad while they undergo pain, suffering and sometimes death, following the maniac’s unholy dreams.

Just as Canada has the responsibility to respect human rights in Canada, it is the responsibility of the government of Sri Lanka to respect human rights in Sri Lanka. Canada, maybe a rich and developed country and Sri Lanka a poor, developing country, but as sovereign nations they have equal rights and responsibilities.

Paramu Ravi, must tell Canadians about ‘human rights’ enjoyed by Tamils kept subjugated in areas illegally held by terrorist vermin? You [Thamilchelvan’s family] and others in the LTTE terrorist hierarchy have sought sanctuary abroad. [legally or illegally]. You live comfortably sponging on state benefits or terrorist funds. You, your family and most [99%] Tamil Diaspora have no intentions of going back to live in Sri Lanka. It is this Tamil terrorist supporting Diaspora, who keep this conflict alive with funds accrued by various means. [credit card, passport fraud, drug and human smuggling operations etc.] The bogus asylum avenue to western nations can only be kept open, by prolonging the conflict.

54% of the Tamil community in Sri Lanka live in the South among the majority Sinhala and other communities. They live a peaceful normal life [maybe not comfortable or economically satisfactory as in Canada], undergoing hardships just like people of other communities. The ‘aspirations’ envisioned by Thamilchelvan’s and other terrorist stooges of the maniac despot for the Tamil minority are quite clear. This is spelt out in their ‘Tamil Tiger ISGA Proposals’ [BBC world news]. Basically a demand for a mono ethnic ‘Eealam state’ with 1/3 of the land area and 2/3 of the sea coast for a mere minority of less than a million people. Unfortunately they will have to dispose over 19 million people if this maniacs’ pipe dream of ‘Eealam’ is to be achieved. What about the ‘human rights’ of these 19 million people or does ‘human rights’ apply only to minorities?

“They killed him, they killed peace,” he said. “We feel now that peace died with him.”[TamilNet, 07 November 2007]

The armed forces personnel must be congratulated for exterminating known terrorists to rid the world of a few more evil monsters in search for peace. Peace does not die by ridding the world of terrorist parasites like Thamilchelvan, but brought a step nearer. The quicker the government exterminates the maniac despot and his terrorist vermin hiding in the Wanni jungles, peace will return to this beautiful island. Finally, we are sorry for Thamilchelvan, the human being but not for Thamilchelvan the terrorist who richly deserved death for his misguided loyalty in being the lap dog of the maniac despot in the propagation of terrorism.

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The Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) has insisted that there had not been any “disappearance” of funds donated by Save the Children for a pre-school project as alleged by the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC).

In a statement the TRO said that all funds allocated for the project have been utilized and accounted for as per the Project Agreement between TRO and Save the Children in Sri Lanka for a Pre School Project.

“It is with great dismay that TRO has read recent reports in some of the Sri Lankan media that have attacked TRO and its donors. The media allegations, ostensibly based on statements by members of the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) for Investigating the Operations of Local and International NGOs, says that TRO could not account for the “disappearance of over Rs. 30 million” donated by Save the Children in Sri Lanka for a Pre School Project. TRO wishes to categorically state that there has been no “disappearance” of any funds and that all funds allocated for the project have been utilized and accounted for as per the Project Agreement with SCiSL,” TRO said in a release.

While giving a breakdown of how the funds have been allocated and utilised, TRO also noted however that work on 36 pre-schools was slowed, and in some cases stopped completely, due to certain actions of the Government and its agencies including the freezing of TRO funds by the Central Bank.

“Thus in TRO’s opinion, though the final “end of project” financial audit has not been performed (due to the fact that the project has not yet been concluded), TRO was “accountable” at every stage of the implementation of this project and complied with the requirements of the Memorandum Of Understanding/Memorandum of Agreement that it entered into with SCiSL,” TRO said.

TRO says it has met or exceeded local and international standards of accountability and transparency and has consistently met all the legal requirements of an NGO or charity operating in Sri Lanka since it was registered with the government as a Charity in 2002.


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The government of Sri Lanka is hoping to suppress the freedom struggle of the Tamil people from a position of military strength. This will never happen. Our struggle is a people’s struggle that has now evolved to embrace an entire nation. The history of the world amply demonstrates that such a people based struggle cannot be defeated by military strength. The government of Sri Lanka is unable to understand this truth. That is why they continue to dream about a military solution.

It was not a surprise for former IGP of the LTTE P. Nadeson, when he was elevated as head of the political wing of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), barely 24 hours after the assassination of Tamilselvan last Friday 2. He was close to the LTTE chief Velupillai Pirabhakaran and was also a native of Valvettiturai, where even Pirabhakaran was born. Being a Police constable attached to the Sri Lanka Police, Nadeson opted to join hands with the LTTE after the 1983 ethnic riots. During this time, he was serving as a police officer at the Jaffna police station, where his wife was also employed as an official at the station. It was at this time that the Jaffna police station was attacked by the Sri Lankan armed forces and for Nadeson, this experience must have been the driving force that changed his mind; to abandon his duties with the Sri Lanka Police and join the Tiger force. He subsequently married the woman he fell in love with, when he was serving in the Jaffna police station even though she was a Sinhalese from Matale. Since then, both of them have been strongly wedded not only to each other, but to the LTTE as well. Because of his skills and knowledge, Nadeson was sent to India to head the political wing under the LTTE from 1985 to 1987. On his return, he was made the first Inspector General of Police of the LTTE police force. He later participated at the peace talks in Geneva and also visited a number of European countries. He is the father of three children and widely known as a ‘humble man.’ In an exclusive interview, he told The Nation that the people based struggle cannot be defeated by military strength and added: “We are ready to make any form of sacrifice to protect our land and our people if the government tries to resolve the Tamil national question by military means.” Following are excerpts: Q: How do you view your elevation to the post as head of the political wing from the earlier post as IGP? A: We are freedom fighters belonging to a liberation movement. All our members are trained to function skilfully in many fields. Only by such a multi faceted training of the freedom fighters can the struggle be taken forward successfully. If a leader of a section dies, it should be possible to continue the work of that section without any waning of its activities. It is through such resource development, that our organisation is moving forward in our liberation struggle. There is no status attached to the responsibilities within our movement. Political work is not new to me. I was responsible for the political division during the 85-87 periods when the LTTE was operating from Tamil Nadu in India. I gained much experience then. I can definitely perform in this new role to match the expectations of our organisation and our people. Q: You have undertaken the leadership of the political wing of the LTTE, especially during turmoil with the Sri Lankan government on the one hand continuing its military strategies and on the other hand not showing any sign for resumption of talks. How do you feel? A: The government of Sri Lanka is hoping to suppress the freedom struggle of the Tamil people from a position of military strength. This will never happen. Our struggle is a people’s struggle that has now evolved to embrace an entire nation. The history of the world amply demonstrates that such a people based struggle cannot be defeated by military strength. The government of Sri Lanka is unable to understand this truth. That is why they continue to dream about a military solution. Q: How optimistic are you that you could emulate the standards set out by your predecessor as the head of the political wing of the LTTE? A: I am confident that I will be able to carry forward the work left behind by him to the satisfaction of our organisation and our people. Q: Since the UPFA government came to power, there have not been many chances for peace talks and apparently there has been a deadlock. How do you intend breaking this trend and pushing for more talks with the government? A: The government of Sri Lanka must understand thoroughly the reality of the Tamil national question. On this understanding, it must make big changes in the positions it has taken. Any considerations for peace talks must depend on whether the government is ready for this. Q: What are your fresh plans to initiate a peace dialogue with the Sri Lankan government? A: As I said previously, any move for future peace talks depends on the government. We must find out whether the government is ready for this. Q: It is believed that the loss of Tamilselvan, is also a loss of the political face of the LTTE. How are you going to replace this face? A: It is indeed a huge loss. The loss of Tamilselvan is a huge shock for us and we mourn his loss. However, it is natural for liberation movements to face such losses. Our organisation has been built to move forward unflaggingly even when faced with such losses. The reason for this is that it is led by our able and far sighted national leader. Q: It is widely speculated that the loss of Tamilselvan is an invitation for an all out war. Would this happen? A: Tamil people were forced into an armed struggle by the oppressive policies of the Sri Lankan State. This historical truth is well known to all. The government of Sri Lanka does not appear to have understood this. Even after assassinating Tamilselvan, important people in the government continue to publicly harp about the list of LTTE leaders they intend to assassinate. These statements of the government answer this question well. Q: The government has increased the monetary allocation for war in its latest budget from Rs. 63 billion to Rs. to 117 billion. Does it mean the government has put its lid on the peace process? If so what does the LTTE plan to do? A: This clearly demonstrates that the government does not have any plans to resolve the Tamil national question by peaceful means. We are ready to make any form of sacrifice to protect our land and our people if the government tries to resolve the Tamil national question by military means. Q: Is the LTTE still committed to peace and if so what steps are being taken to minimise hostilities with the Sri Lankan government? A: First you must ask this question from the government of Sri Lanka. Q: Since early this year, the LTTE has been facing a series of setbacks and the government claims that the LTTE could be defeated easily. Do you think so? A: The answer is in the history of many successful freedom struggles. Q: Tamilselvan’s strong belief was that any peace talks should not be held in Sri Lanka and that any future talks should be on the basis of the 2000 Ceasefire Agreement. Do you also hold the same belief? A: I will continue from where my predecessor left. Q: Will you also be leading the future peace talks as head of the LTTE delegation? A: I can answer this question only when such a situation arises. Q: You met the SLMM chief on Wednesday at the Peace Secretariat. What was the outcome of your discussions with him? A: I explained to him the background to the assassination of Brig. Tamilselvan and requested him to convey those details to the Norwegian government. I also requested the SLMM Head to convey my request to the Norwegian government to work with the international community to condemn the assassination of Tamilselvan. He understood our views and promised to convey them to the Norwegian government. Q: The SLMM has said it could no longer serve in vulnerable areas. Do you consider this demand to be a fair one and if so what action is taken to secure their stay? A: There are no hurdles placed by our side to their functioning. SLMM is facing hurdles and threats from the Sri Lankan government side. Q: It is rumoured that the aerial attack by the air force on Friday morning that killed Tamilselvan and five others was consequent to a tip-off from within the LTTE itself. Is there any truth? A: As you have said it is a rumour and nothing more.


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The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has launched new recruitment campaign to boost its manpower while the undeclared Eelam War 4 continued to rage near the northern defense lines. Army’s regular infantry regiments, artillery regiment, signal corps, women’s corps and elite formations such as the Special Forces(SF), Commando regiment, Mechanized Infantry Division and the Air Mobile Brigade have begun recruiting for the second time in 2007.

SLA’s recruitment rate has been significantly high in 2006 and 2007 when compared to that of the year 2005’s. Only 3400 new recruitments were made in 2005 while more than 30000 (re-joinings included) joined SLA ranks in 2006 and 2007. However, military experts believe that another 20000 troops are required to properly defend the newly captured territory in the Eastern province while being on the offensive in the Northern front.

The Sri Lanka army, which employs more than 140000 troops (SLN and SLAF personnel excluded), is the 34th largest army in the world in terms of manpower.


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Less than 24 hours after paying tribute to the LTTE’s slain political head S. P. Thamilsevlan, rebel leader Velupillai Prabhkaran had crisis talks with his ‘field commanders’ last night and vowed to carry forward their ‘liberation struggle’. LTTE spokesman Irasiah Ilanthirayan told The Sunday Times last night the LTTE leadership discussed new security measures in the wake of Friday’s air strike that killed Mr. Thamilselvan.

Mr. Prabhakaran in a statement issued last night said that despite repeated and continuous calls from the international community to find a peaceful solution to the Tamil national question, they had “not seen any goodwill from the Sinhala nation”. “We do not see the Buddhist universal love. The Sinhala nation did not open its heart and send a peace message. On the contrary, it is sending war-vultures that are dropping giant bombs. It has cruelly killed our peace dove,” he declared.

Meanwhile, Mr. Illanthriyan told The Sunday Times the killing of Mr. Thamilselvan would not go unanswered. “We won’t talk much, but we will show it in our actions,” he said.“Whatever little hopes we had about resuming the negotiations have been shattered by the gruesome killing,” the LTTE’s military spokesman said. Meanwhile the Air Force said yesterday it had bombed an LTTE arms storage facility in an area west of Puthukudirippu in Mullaitivu.

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Sri Lanka’s military has vowed to go “all out” to target Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran during air strikes on rebel positions, a state-run newspaper reported Sunday.

Air Force chief Roshan Goonatilleke said he was confident of finding the elusive leader who is believed to be holed up in the island’s north where he runs a mini-state.

The comments, in the Sunday Observer newspaper, come less than two weeks after a key rebel aide was killed in a government air strike.

“I do not think it is that difficult for us to get at him now,” Goonatilleke told the newspaper under the headline: “Sri Lanka air force goes all out for Prabhakaran – Commander.”

“We will find him somehow soon. We need a great deal of patience.”

Sri Lankan war planes bombed a Tamil Tiger location and killed political wing leader S.P. Thamilselvan and six others on November 2 as part of a campaign to re-capture territory from the rebels.

Thamilselvan was regarded as the public face of the separatist group and the point-man for Norwegian peace brokers and and other international diplomats involved in the island’s faltering peace efforts.

The guerrillas have vowed to avenge the killing of Thamilselvan and the authorities have stepped up security across the island fearing reprisals.

Fighting has also escalated along the frontlines separating the territory controlled by the Tigers in the north of the island in recent weeks.

The defence ministry said a civilian was killed and another wounded in a roadside blast in the deep south of the island on Saturday, an area where there had been suspected rebel activity in the past two weeks.

Security officials said they believed that such attacks could be an attempt to draw out troops from the island’s north where they are locked in combat with the Tigers.

A Norwegian-arranged truce between the government and the rebels began falling apart in December 2005. Thousands have been killed in the island’s drawn out Tamil separatist conflict.

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