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According to the Military sources, LTTE or their agents, mingling with ordinary Mannar-based peace-loving people with carefully orchestrated plans have begun to infuse a wave of fear-psychosis among civilians in the area by ordering them to vacate their homesteads before 27th November 2007 or face LTTE consequences.

“The LTTE’s machination in this regard was brought to the fore when terrorist elements distributed a leaflet among households in the area asking civilians, resident close to security points and military detachments to move out from their homes before the deadline without giving any specific reasons,” government based news web site on national security said.

“The leaflet printed in Tamil with LTTE emblem has been dropped in their gardens by secretly operating LTTE agents or their supporters saying that those occupants should move beyond 5 km away from the security detachments before that day,” the report also added.

Fear-stricken Tamil people who approached security authorities after receipt of the LTTE ultimatum while expressing outrage were assured fullest security network by the Security Forces and requested not to vacate their houses as demanded by the LTTE.

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After a long silence, the army’s Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) showed signs of activity when they ambushed and killed a heavy weapons expert of the LTTE yesterday. Pullawar Annan (also known as Thuiyawan Master and Seelan) and four others were killed in the attack when their convoy was attacked by LRRP units north of Palampiddi.

According to Military Intelligence, Pullawar Annan was the best and most experienced heavy weapons expert the LTTE had. His areas of expertise included artillery guns, heavy mortars, IED explosives and Multiple rocket launchers.

For the past few weeks LRRP missions had been suspended due to the volatile nature of the Wanni front. Forward defense lines were largely active and this made any infiltrations into Wanni almost impossible. Even amidst the intense fighting that raged on for the last two days, the Deep Penetration Unit had managed to infiltrate into LTTE controlled territory avoiding detection.

The LRRP team that took part in this operation was not part of the 3rd Special Forces regiment (3SF) nor was it a standard LRS team. What carried out this attack was the elite LRRP unit that is deployed only to hunt down high profile LTTE targets. Its roots run back to the assassination of Shankar in 2001.


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