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The International Chief of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) Dr. Murugan Vinnayagamurthi and his wife have been arrested.

The US government apprehended him after FBI conducted comprehensive investigations. The TRO extorted money from Tamils in Britain, Canada, France, Sweden, Australia and the United States claiming that it was for the welfare of the Tamil civilians in the North and East, but the international community drew attention to this organisation after it was bared that weapons as well as military hardware required for the LTTE were being purchased from these funds and directed to the LTTE. Documents related to short-range missiles and submarines were seized during some raids. The French government indicted some members of the LTTE who were operating in that country.

Dr. Murugan and his wife were taken into custody for providing technology on the manufacture of submarines to the LTTE. FBI pointed out that they would be produced in courts after a systematic probe on the irregular transactions carried out by the TRO.

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