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Fighter jets of the Sri Lanka Air Force bombed a pre identified LTTE military installation located in Kulamarippu, north east of Oddusudan at 12.45PM today (3rd). According to military intelligence, guerillas have been using this base to coordinate communication among other major tiger bases in the region. Several transmission towers located in the base premises have also been destroyed in the air raid.

Meanwhile Military Intelligence (MI) have revealed LTTE casualty details in last week’s SLAF attack in Mannar. SLAF used several Mi-24 gunships of the 9th attack helicopter squadron to launch an attack on LTTE defensive positions north of Parappakandal, Mannar. 7 LTTE cadres have been killed and another 10 more have been wounded in the air strike. This was the first time SLAF used its gunships to attack targets in this area where fierce fighting had been going on for days.

Due to the limited availability of resources, SLAF’s primary role in the 4th Eelam War has so far been to hunt down LTTE leadership. This combined with the threat from LTTE anti aircraft cannons have prevented the air force from regularly deploying its gunships for close air support role (CAS) to assist ground troop movements.

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