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The Sri Lanka Navy’s Warships, Sayura and Suranimala brought the drifting foreign vessel with 50 Burmese and 21 Bangladeshi sailors to Trincomalee yesterday. The rescue mission has won the SLN international recognition with the UNHRC set to send one of its key delegates to meet the government shortly.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Army has decided to lift the curfew imposed in Jaffna every night, in view of the Maha Sivarathri. The moves comes after last year’s civilian complaints during the same season. The SLA made this decision despite fears of increased LTTE infiltration into Jaffna and reports of an imminent invasion of Kilinochchi by the 53 and 55 Divisions of the Army.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Air Force made accurate hits using bunker-buster bombs on an LTTE weapons dump in the general area Pooneryn containing a stock of artillery shells last afternoon. The attack was made following Military Intelligence reports of 130mm, 152mm and 122mm shells being stored at this location to face a future SLA onslaught.

The SLAF’s Beach Super King equipped with Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) cameras is undergoing repairs. The other aircraft was lost in the Anuradhapura attacks. Several new UAVs bought by the SLAF have FLIR capabilities. However, SLA’s Human Intelligence (HUMINT) is presently placed higher than any of the other methods of collecting and verifying intelligence.


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Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets bombed an LTTE artillery storage located in the rebel held Pooneryn sector today afternoon. The initial air strike was carried out at 12PM while a second sortie followed at 2.30PM. Damages caused by the air strike are still unknown.

LTTE’s heavy artillery guns (130mm and 152mm) have posed a significant threat to the Army in the 4th Eelam War. It is no secret that the guerillas smuggled in many artillery pieces and replenished ammo during the ceasefire agreement. Army’s largest military complex in the north, the Palaly Military Base and the adjoining airstrip, come within LTTE artillery range when the rebels move the guns to Kalmunai Point (K-Point).

LTTE takes various countermeasure to save their artillery from SLA counter fire and SLAF air strikes. They almost always move the gun immediately after firing. Keeping the gun stationary would be deathwish as army’s firefinder radars are able to pinpoint the location where artillery fire originated from. According to MI, the guns, when idle, are always placed in underground storage to avoid detection by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of the SLAF. Recent observations have revealed that the LTTE are using an increasing number of fake guns as decoys to mislead aerial intelligence.

Meanwhile ground based intelligence sources have confirmed the LTTE death toll from fighting in Sinnaodaippu, Mannar on the 29th of February. 14 LTTE cadres have been killed and another 15 have been injured in the fighting. Army gained control of Sinnaodaippu sluice gates, which control the water supply to Mannar region, on the 29th after a fierce fight with LTTE formations lead by senior LTTE leader Laxshman.

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