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A senior Tamil leader has blamed the LTTE for the death of pro-militant lawmaker K Sivanesan, rebuffing Tiger supremo Prabhakaran’s claim that Sri Lankan security forces killed the Jaffna MP.

“The claymore mine at Kanagarayankulam (where Sivanesan was killed) had really been planted by the LTTE cadres themselves targeting some of their leaders. For whom it was targeted one will never know but certainly not targeting any Member of Parliament,” Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) President Anandasangaree said.

Prabhakaran had earlier alleged that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentarian was killed by security forces.

However, Anandasangaree said it was not possible for the military to go deep into the LTTE-controlled area to kill Sivanesan.

“No man with any sense will say that the Sri Lankan army’s Deep Penetrating Unit went into the LTTE-held areas to a distance of about 20 miles from the defence line to plant the claymore mine, when they had 170 miles of the highway under their command,” he said.

“I do not want the TNA Members of Parliament to fool everybody. They had fooled the Tamil People long enough and they can’t continue to do so,” he said, while “strongly” condemning the “most brutal manner” in which Sivanesan and his driver were killed.

“It is by this type of silly accusations that the LTTE and the TNA had lost their credibility. No one believes their stories because their political honesty is questionable,” Anandasangree said in a statement.

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Police Special Task Force (STF) commandos have laid a successful ambush in the Sangaman Kanda area in Ampara district, killing two LTTE terrorists this evening (March 10). According to the STF sources, the attack was launched at a terrorists’ movement detected at Ummarikulama around 3.15.p.m

During the subsequent search, the STF personnel have found two bodies of LTTE cadres along with two T56 riffles, one claymore mine, one Anti Personnel mine, one remote controlled device, one radio set, and one GPS device.

No casualties to STF personnel in this confrontation, the sources added.

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