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Sea Tiger Leader Soosei’s 2nd In-Command (2IC) Mangalesh has died in a Security Forces attack on the 8th. Mangalesh’s transfer to Mannar was subsequent to a fallout with his Commander Soosei around 7 months ago. He was in charge of the Sea Tigers now deployed on land in defensive maneuvers in Adampan.

The exact cause of his death is still not known. On 8th February there were 9 separate attacks by the Security Forces. One was on an LTTE hideout using MI-24/35 Helicopter Gunships.

Several successful artillery attacks were also launched on that date. The Special Forces carried out some attacks in the Deep Battle Space in Mannar. We understand that Mangalesh may have met his end in one of the above attacks.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Air Force carried out three separate attacks on LTTE locations in Mannar last morning. The targets were LTTE assets, which included a ration store and kitchen complex, a mobile operating theater and hospital and a base-camp shelter. Exact damage caused to these assets situated in the Mannar hot zone in yet unclear.


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Fighter jets of the Sri Lanka Air Force bombed 3 LTTE bases in Eastern and Northern Mannar yesterday (12th) morning. Three locations identified as command bases, storage complexes and medical centers of the LTTE were bombed in the raids. Although the jets have hit the targets accurately, no information about LTTE casualties are available so far.

Meanwhile SLA ground forces advancing towards LTTE held Wanni heartland made further inroads through LTTE defenses in the area. Advances were made in Puliyankulam and Chettikulam regions and also into LTTE held territory east of Cinnaodaippadu. The gains made in Puliyankulam are considered to be of great strategic importance as it borders the A-9 highway, one of the main supply routes (MSR) used by the tigers.

Meanwhile in Kontakkarankulam, an LTTE tractor transporting reinforcements was ambushed by SLA troops on the 11th at 6.30PM. 5 LTTE cadres were killed in this attack. In another development, five SLA soldiers were injured due to the detonation of an IED in Karampaikulam .

LTTE’s strategy in this front has been to retreat when the army moves in and then and use IEDs, artillery and snipers to remotely attack new SLA positions. By implementing this strategy, the tigers are trying to avoid close quarters fighting and minimize casualties. This is because the tigers want to delay the army advance into Wanni for as long as possible. The army on the other hand is having the exact opposite objective; inflict maximum casualties on the tigers. Both these factors have contributed to the slowness of the army advance in the Mannar front.



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