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A reputed Counter terrorism school in the United States trained mid level and senior police officers in Sri Lanka to combat the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) at the Police Training School Kalutara under State Department Funds during February.

“Mercyhurst College Intelligence Studies Department Chair Jim Breckenridge and Assistant Professor Dave Grabelski recently returned from Kalutara, Sri Lanka, where they delivered counterterrorism training to Sri Lankan law enforcement, currently embroiled in battling a separatist insurgency” the reputed school, in Erie, Pennsylvania, which runs a successful intelligence studies department said. School sources added that this marked the first training session provided by Mercyhurst intelligence faculty under a new contract with the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Antiterrorism Assistance (ATA). Mercyhurst said, according to the contract, they signed with the State Department the school is charged with creating and delivering two information management courses aimed at strengthening antiterrorism efforts in Latin America, Africa and Asia through a broader and more disciplined analysis of information within the state department’s partner nations.

The two professors were sent to Sri Lanka under the contract. Mercyhurst delivered the two-week Law Enforcement Intelligence for Counterterrorism course to 22 mid- to senior-level officers at the Sri Lanka Police College in February.

The course utilized case studies, link charts, and structured analyses to explain, examine, and forecast terrorism problems. ATA curriculum project manager Gary W. Hartman said Mercyhurst was selected for this latest antiterrorism project because of its “expertise in this field.” Since ATA’s inception in 1983, more than 41,000 security and law enforcement officials from more than 130 countries have received antiterrorism training, Hartman said. These officials are now better prepared to fight terrorism and protect their citizens in times of crisis, he added. With the success of the course at the Sri Lanka Police College , Breckenridge said plans can move forward to provide the course at an as yet unnamed country in June 2008

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Soldiers of the 59th division confronted with a group of LTTE cadres north of Janakapura (Anandamkula) Thursday evening. An LTTE bunker was stormed by the soldiers during the fight, resulting in the death of 3 LTTE cadres. Two T-56 rifles, three hand grenades and a radio unit were found by the troops after a search operation in the area. Bodies of the 3 LTTE cadres killed were also recovered.

Clashes were also reported in Vavuniya in Karampaikulam and Vilayanikulam regions. 2 more LTTE bodies have been recovered by the troops following in the incidents. Two T-56 rifles were also recovered.

Meanwhile yet another valiant soldier of the army fell to an LTTE AP (Anti personnel) mine in the Mannar front on Tuesday (11th). SLA Captain Keerthi Ranawaka passed away at the hospital, due to the serious nature of his injuries caused by the mine. Majority of SLA casualties in Mannar front are caused by AP mines, which have also slowed down the advance into Wanni.



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