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Mi-24 helicopter gunships of SLAF’s 9th attack helicopter squadron launched an aerial strike on an LTTE bunker line in Periyamadhu region today morning. The aerial raid was launched in parallel to a ground troops advance of the army’s 57 division in the same area.

Meanwhile SLA/ SLN casualty figures of the LTTE assault on Chi’ruththeevu island are now available. According to our information 3 SLN soldiers and 1 SLA soldier perished in the attack.

n other news LTTE has once again accused the Sri Lanka Army’s “DPU” of carrying out an attack against civilians. According to pro LTTE media 6 civilians have been killed in the attack. Army’s Special Forces and Commando units do penetrate enemy lines to conduct deep battle space operations inside LTTE held territory. The attacks are not carried out at random as pro LTTE media suggests. All targets (which include NO civilian targets as per our information) are verified several times using various intelligence sources before the actual assault is carried out. Carrying out random strikes in enemy territory may not only yield the desired results but will also increase the risk of covert unit blowing its cover.
Despite the credibility of this allegation, there is one more fact that needs attention. Whenever pro LTTE media has carried out a similar story, the LTTE has followed up with a devastating attack on a civilian target in the south. This time may not be an exception.


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