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As mentioned earlier, the Sri Lanka Army is at the gates of the LTTE’s former 1-4 Base complex at Weli Oya. This area saw heavy fighting between the Army and the LTTE from the time of Major General Denzil Kobbekaduwa.

The former LTTE stronghold is now a shadow of its former image. However, significant numbers of Tiger Cadre still remain inside the environs. The current operations are focused on the general area Vettikaikulam.

The 59 Division and the 61 Division are focusing their efforts in this area under Brigadier Dawulugala’s Command. The 61 Division is currently classified as a semi-offensive Division in the Army. It has not yet fully engaged itself in the battles so far. This is because of a tradition in the Army to allow time for the experienced soldiers enlisted to it from other units to adjust to their new roles. So far, the 59 and 61 have combined to kill a few hundred Tigers in this area alone.

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