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A sixteen year old boy was killed in vehicle mine placed by the Deep Penetration Unit of the Sri Lanka military. Child’s father and three other children, all siblings from another family, in the tractor-trailer were injured in the attack.

The incident took place in Nedunkerni at 9.30am yesterday, 25th June. The five, all displaced from Nedunkerni were going to their homes to collect some belongings in a tractor-trailer in the Annathevanmadu area when the incident took place.

Senathirasa Senthuran, a student aged 15, is the student killed. His father, Velupillai Senathirasa, and three other boys, siblings from another family were injured. They are: Vinayagamoorthy Pratheepan aged 6, Vinayagamoorthy Prakash aged 15, and Vinayagamoorthy Prathapan aged 16.


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