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Civilians have started arriving in their thousands by today. 522 civilians came yesterday and 2000 civilians had arrived by this evening. 25-30 LTTE cadres, who abandoned the movement, were also among them. This was the largest number of civilians to have returned to date and indicates the LTTE is really crumbling.

The 30-man Tiger team, which breached the 59 defenceline few days ago was completely annihilated along with several other Tiger teams in the general area Mulaitivu by a combined Special Forces, Commando and SLAF Mi-24 mission. The Tiger team from Ratha regiment, commanded from afar by Theepan had got more than they had bargained for. Although successful initially in firing a few RPGs at an Army Bus, Tractor with trailer and 2 tanks, the Tigers were systematically surrounded and picked off by the superior SF and CR teams.

Meanwhile Brigadier Prasanna Silva’s 55 Division has finally entered Chalai. The declaration of the capture will be made within 24hrs as Sea Tigers putting up stiff resistance to guard its last entry-point into the sea were finding it extremely difficult to fight on due to the unconventional tactics employed by the veteran Special Forces officer and his junior commanders.


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