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Heavy civilian casualties have been reported when a LTTE female suicide bomber detonated herself near an IDP center Vishwamadu area. Several soldiers of the 58 division have also been injured. As of this moment, exact casualty details are not available. The blast may have been planned to discourage any more civilians from crossing over the the government controlled territory. For the past two days alone more than 8000 civilians have managed to flee LTTE control.

LTTE now seems to be heavily deploying their suicide cadres to attack the army. During the past two weeks more than 6 suicide attacks have targeted SLA FDL both at PTK as well as at Challai. Some of these attacks did inflict casualties on the army’s side. LTTE’s last ‘innovative attack’ to breach the army FDL south of PTK too turned into an unintentional suicide mission. Another 30 man ‘LTTE commando”’ unit was sent in an armor plated lorry to execute an attack similar to the one launched by the tigers on the 1st of February. The lorry along with around 30 tigers on board was pulverized by 53 division units before ‘LTTE commandos’ could fire a single shot.

(Defence Net)


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