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The newly appointed Chief of Defence Staff, General Sarath Fonseka is preparing massive structural changed to the three forces. He has assembled a team of high caliber officers to a new office to be set-up soon at the former JOC (Joint Operations Command).

The new office appropriately titled Office of the Chief of Defence Staff will oversee, in the coming months, a massive overhauling of the three forces. A Gazette Notification has already been prepared.

The Army, Navy and Air Force of the Sri Lanka Army will become more like the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) where land forces will be combined with air superiority and sea-borne forces will be combined also with air superiority.

Experts and insiders say the boundaries between the Army, Navy and the Air Force could become only superficial under this plan, which, in the long-term will become one massive force capable of operating not unlike the US Marine Expeditionary Force.

(Defence Wire)

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