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In North Mannar, rice fields have become muddy and water tanks are full, and although the weather is unfavorable, soldiers have made use of the conditions to their advantage.

On 22nd at 3.30 am, in pitch darkness troops belonging to 583 Brigade, 6 Gamunu watch and 12 Gamunu watch, trained Special Infantry Operation Teams (SIOT) crawling in mud. In some places, there was water about one to two feet above the fround, toward the LTTE strong point, located Southeast of Adampan, Mannar Parayakulam.

While troops moved forward, they saw many jonny mines. Due to the rain, soldiers can spot them easily and it is easier for them to diffuse them.

Troops moved close to LTTE bunkers, and observed LTTE movements. They awaited orders from their commanding officer to attack bunkers.

All of a sudden when soldiers opened RPG (Rocket Propelled Granades) to LTTE bunkers, the LTTE was not prepared for that kind of surprise attack on them. The LTTE too retaliated, but army resistance was very high and army destroyed 8 LTTE bunkers.

Advancing SLA battle formations were assisted with heavy artillery and mortar fire, mounted at LTTE resisting positions. LTTE too fired artillery towards the army, a military official said.

Terrorists were on the run along rear defence lines in Wanni, leaving many LTTE bodies scattered in the area, which is known as an ‘open patch land’, an army senior officer said.

Troops have captured one square kilometer following intense battle with LTTE, in the area between Parayakulama and Ilanthaivan, in Mannar.

When the army interrupted LTTE Radio communication, it was revealed that 22 LTTE cadres were killed, and 26 were wounded. However, the army was able to recover bodies of 11 LTTE cadres and pieces of some dead bodies, a senior Army officer said. At the same time, six soldiers died and 16 soldiers were wounded.

When the army is engaged with the LTTE from all four directions, how can the LTTE retaliate with their limited cadres? To overcome this problem, and continue their attacks, the LTTE leadership has ordered every family member to the battle front, after a short training period, even though insufficient training, would ultimately result in more deaths. The above operation is commanded by 58 GOC Brigadier Shavindra de Silva, who is instructed by the Army Commander Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka and supervised by Vavuniya Secuirty Forces Commander Maj Gen Jagath Jayasuriya.

Sri Lanka Army detected underworld figures involved in drug smuggling and having clear cut links with the LTTE. 4kg of C4 explosives and 10 detonators were found in Modera and after questioning five people, more weapons are believed to be present in Colombo and Colombo suburbs. “There are many underworld members and drug dealers, who have connections with the LTTE. We will nab them”, a senior army officer said.

Army continues their operation to North Mannar, Manthai, which is a very important location to the LTTE.

Vavuniya Police nets ‘LTTE abductors’, saves Insurance Executive

Vavuniya Police in a well laid security cordon arrested four individuals alleged to be LTTE operatives, while they were fleeing in two motor bikes, along with an abducted civilian at Pomppaimadu area, Vavuniya, on Monday (March 24) evening.

The abducted civilian was identified as Sumith Prasanna Manawadu, 39, an Insurance Executive employed at the Ceylinco Insurance, Vavuniya branch. According to Police sources, the insurance executive was abducted by the LTTE, while he was attending a Hindu wedding festival at Thirunawakulama, in Vavuniya, around 2.15p.m.

On receiving information of the incident, the Vavuniya Police took swift measures: dispatched task units to the area, and manned road barriers, where the abductors were netted, while fleeing at Pomppaimadu, and the insurance executive was freed, the Police further said.

A LTTE operative has swallowed a cyanide capsule, when he was arrested and was admitted to the Anuradhapura General Hospital, the sources said. The Police have also recovered a pistol and a hand grenade, which were in the possession of the, LTTE operatives.

Investigations continue as the arrested, have been involved in similar abductions of youth and businessmen for ransom, which is a lucrative income for the terrorist outfit, Vavuniya Police said.
Thirunawakulam is located along the Vavuniya- Mannar main road, approximately 4km from Vavuniya town.


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