"Only the dead have seen the end of wars." This Blog is dedicated in the name of all men of the armed forces , paramilitary and police force and innocent people trapped by the hell of this "Tamil Insurrection" - past ,present and future - who have valiantly fought for many years - and many who sacrificed their young lives - to keep this country under one flag and in order to keep "Tamil terrorist " at bay. And may it be noted that this site also looks sadly and in utter disgust at political regimes who have bickered among themselves for for the last fifty years since independence , and have played into the hands off the "Eelamist sympathisers " in trying to compromise the birth right of all Sri Lankans and have prevented all armed forces from eliminating the tamil terrorist and putting an end to this internecine "tamil Insurrection". "This is a bugle call for the people of Sri Lanka to pressurize the politicians of this country to keep political goals , election targets away and their petty political differences away to stamp down this insurrection once and for all - FOR THAT IS THE ONLY WAY FOR LASTING PEACE NOT THROUGH SELF DESTRUCTING PEACE RALLIES. Note:This blog is a collection of articles published regarding the Sri lankan conflict in different web based media that have been collected over a long period.I hope these articles will help one gain a better insight about this internecine conflict that plagues this country more almost three decades.

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